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The Mothapalooza 2015 competition is open to any sailor registered to compete at the 2015 Moth Worlds. Both events can be entered for free.

Event 1


Simply get together with 3 of your buddies – you may wish to enter under a country flag, or simply as a group of 4 who want to have some fun (or win it or both). The event will have you and the other teams racing around a 800m course, exchanging a baton as you go, the first team to cross the finish line wins!


A relay team shall consist of 4 boats

Each competitor is required to carry the baton and sail a full leg

The baton shall be exchanged at each turning mark

The baton shall be exchanged by placing it in a loating bucket for the next team member to pick up

The course shall be set at 90 degrees to the wind and comprise of 2 turning marks

All marks shall be left to port

The start shall be between the committee boats anchored to the windward of the right hand turning mark

The start sequence shall be a warning signal at three minutes, preparatory signal at 1 minute

The finish will be between the final turning mark and the commitee boat

4 teams shall compete in each heat, the 1st and 2nd place teams will go on to compete in the next round

Normal racing rules will apply

Event 2


This event may sound strange but it wont be easy. Each sailor must race his moth to the finish line, the only kicker is they must stay in a straight line and foil the entire way. The sailor that can do this the slowest ( ie foil the longest) wins.


The winner shall be the boat that takes the longest to sail a 200m course set at 90 degrees to the wind

The clock will start once the boat crosses the start line

The clock will stop when the boat crosses the finish line

The boat may not tack or gybe

The hull may not touch the water

The boat may not sail outside the boundary marks set parallel and along each side of the course

Each competitor will be given 2 attempts

The International Moth Class rules apply at all times

See you in 2015! - Mothapalooza is a Trademark of Zhik Pty Ltd - Copyright 2014